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In Focus: The Makings of a Great Metropolitan Park

In Focus is a multi-part video series that provides viewers with a unique look into the transformation of former MCAS El Toro, the surrounding region, and the significant elements that play a role in the Orange County Great Park's development. In Focus was produced in conjunction with ICTV 30.

In Focus: Balloon Envelope Upgrade

Video Summary: In-depth interviews discussing the logistics and process of renovating the Orange County Great Park Balloon envelope. Includes a picture montage of the balloon deflation and a time lapse of the inflation process. (Courtesy ICTV 30)

In Focus: Agriculture at the Great Park

Video Summary: A discussion about the dedication of agricultural land at the Orange County Great Park. Interviews with Larry Agran, Tom Larson and Master Gardeners provide insight about the current events and future plans for the Orange County Great Park. (Courtesy ICTV 30)

In Focus: People Behind the Great Park

Video Summary: In the first installment of “Orange County Great Park in Focus” ICTV interviews the people and personalities behind the design and integration of the Orange County Great Park. Personalities include Larry Agran, Sukhee Kang, Christina Shea, Beth Krom, Steven Choi, Mike Ellzey and more. (Courtesy ICTV 30)