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2013 Children’s Gardening Workshop Series

Sunday, November 10

ChildrensGardening Time(s): 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location:Farm + Food Lab | Map & Directions
Free Parking & Admission

Time(s): Every 30 minutes, from 11am-1pm, on the 2nd Sunday of each month
Location: Farm + Food Lab | Map
Free Parking & Admission

The Great Park Farm + Food Lab is hosting a series of fun-filled garden themed workshops specifically designed for children, on the second Sunday of every month, at the Farmers Market.

The workshops run every half hour, and include a brief interactive presentation and hands-on activity to help kids develop a deeper understanding of the food they eat, the importance of environmental stewardship, the history of agriculture in their community, and what it takes to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.

2013 Workshop Schedule

Rain, Rain, Come Our Way: Where Our Water Comes From and Why It’s So Important to Protect It
Jan 13
Water is a garden’s most precious resource. Without it plants can’t grow! Join us to better understand the importance of preserving the quality of our water, and learn simple ways kids can make a HUGE impact on the future of California’s food and water supply.

Flower Power!
Feb 10
Besides being beautiful, flowers are a necessary component in fruit and vegetable production. Come and find out why flowers are so important and then press some to make the perfect valentine for someone special.

Bee Aware
March 10
Bees are fascinating insects that play a critical role in making sure we have yummy fruits and vegetables to eat. Come and learn all about the world of bees, how they make honey, and why it is so important for us to protect them. Then stay and plant some nectar flowers to take home for your garden.

Three Sisters Gardening: A Native American Tradition
April 14
According to Native American legend, corn, beans, and squash (the food staples of many Native American cultures) are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive when planted together. Come listen to the legend, absorb the wisdom, and reconnect with the land by planting your own Three Sisters Garden for your yard or patio.

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs: Simple Things Kids Can Do To Help Encourage Beneficials and Discourage Destructive Pests in the Garden
May 12
Not all bugs are bad! Come and find out the difference between beneficial and destructive insects and pest of the garden. Then make an environmentally friendly snail trap or bird “scare” to take home with you.

Can You Dig It?
June 9
Ever wonder what soil is made of, what lives in it, and what plants need to grow in it? Have some fun exploring the world of soil and compost, then stay and play Worm Bin Bingo with us.

Songbirds of Summer
July 14
The beautiful songs of our feathered little friends brings happiness to all who listen. Come and learn to identify the calls of some of the more common birds in Southern California. Then stay and make a peanut butter-apple feeder to attract them to your special place.

Recycling for the Garden: Turning your Trash into Garden Flash
Aug 11
Reducing, recycling, and reusing are some things the whole family can be involved in. Come and learn some fun and easy “kid friendly” composting and recycling techniques, and ways for budding young artists to turn their “trash” into beautiful pieces of garden art.

Stone Soup: The Power of Working Together
Sept 8
Find out about some amazingly tasty “cool season” vegetables that you can grow right here in your own backyard while participating in an interactive re-telling of the classic tale of community, cooperation, and friendship. Then stay to make paper pots and plant seeds to start your very own Stone Soup Garden.

Garden Detectives 1: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Monarch
Oct 13
Butterflies are important to a garden! Besides being beautiful, these amazing creatures are key pollinators. Come and investigate the mysteries of the Monarch’s lifecycle and learn how to attract them at home.

A Bountiful Harvest: Orange County Now and Then… A History of Food and Agriculture in Our Local Community
Nov 10
Come and explore the fruits and vegetables that have been grown locally over the past 2000 years. Learn what impact our food production has had on the people and landscape of Orange County, and make a seed tape of your favorite local crop to take home and plant in your yard or container.

Garden Detectives 2: What’s All The Squawking About?
Dec 8
Chickens are delightful creatures that provide us nutritious meat and eggs, but did you know they are also great composters, wonderful weeders, and amazing pest control specialists? Come and learn all about chickens and their many contributions to our garden, then stay and decorate your own special holiday egg decoration to take home with you!